The purpose of the Kids University (KU) is to help children in our community learn the aspects of good nutrition, strengthen academic skills, and to foster teamwork as they work together developing a student garden.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Welcome 2017 - A Shout Out to BeSew Inn

Kids University began its 6th year with our Spring Session on Jan. 11, welcoming a full house of 18-24 students each week. Twelve TCC Interns joined our ranks on Jan 18th and were met eagerly by our KU Kids!  Each semester the students look forward to the new friendships that form between them and these dedicated college students. 

Students start the evening checking in with Mr. John and shirting up with Mrs. Janet.

They then move to Round-up and Academics with Mrs. Jan and Mr. Terry.  Not all our children arrive on time but we gladly enlarge our circles to include them!
 This year we have four centers to choose from:  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Activities, Carpentry, Sewing & Foods Lab.  It's a hard choice!

Our college students assist in all of the activities and carry out the games with loads of energy. The one -on-one mentoring in the academic tutoring, STEM challenges and the various group sessions are such tremendous confidence builders for these children.

The tower challenge captivated our students interest for a long period of time.
Boat building and buoyancy with Mrs. Janet (our retired Jenks Science & English Teacher -- we ALL learn from her)
We paired up interns and students to build the best boats!

Austin and Mr. John (a retired engineer & winning soccer coach) test the weight of the bridge students built in a STEM activity.

Not all our STEM projects perform as anticipated.  Watching the children's eyes as they wait for the outcome and test the strength of their project, competing with the other students is priceless.  Winning brings no other reward than just knowing you and a TCC "Buddy" used your creative skills to master a plan!

Mr. T and the PVC
BSew Inn responding to a grant request, supplied 6 GREAT sewing machines - fully serviced and ready to use.  Our students are enjoying the experience of learning to sew and are eager to start their pillow projects.  We are forever grateful and overwhelmed at their generosity!!

Missy Torres graciously gave us three wonderful machines from her collection! 

 Mrs. Janet and Missy are experts at helping these young girls learn to manipulate their machine, practice stitching while staying safe at the same time. Our young men are asking when THEIR turn will be at the machines.

With carpentry skills they have learned, these youngsters are more confident with a saw and nail gun.  They are extremely proud of their bird houses as a young artist comes in and helps them stencil and paint them.  

All our KU Kids enjoy Foods Lab where they prepare the snack for all the students and Interns.

Terry and Andrew, one of our interns, have been building a Wikiup to help our KU Kids learn about early Native American housing.  We share property on 28 wooded acres and this enables these children a safe and beautiful place to explore and enjoy God's wonderful creation.

We now have our own classroom space- what we call our KU Klub House -- where all our teaching supplies can be placed and our activities are housed.  

So much fun, so much one-on-one mentoring and teaching. Students and Helpers leave each evening eager for the next session.

Special thanks to Keith and Lora Ober-Thorn, Kennedy & Lucas, Paula Miller, John and Janet Main, Randy and Josh McGlothlin, Brian Krick, Missy and Evers Torres!  We can't wait for Mrs. Mary Lou to return in mid-March.  We wouldn't have KU without all of you!!!  Justice Dickson (pictured making PBJ's in foods lab) has returned to fulfill a 2nd internship! YOU ALL ARE ROCK STARS!!!

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