The purpose of the Kids University (KU) is to help children in our community learn the aspects of good nutrition, strengthen academic skills, and to foster teamwork as they work together developing a student garden.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Looking Back on Two Years

The children we serve come from disadvantaged households.  We have 13 children that have remained with us throughout the entire two years.  During these 24 months, we have worked with  approximately 80 different students.  Their attendance is oftentimes sporadic because of their unstable home environments.  However we have retained a significant number of these children.   Fifty-six Interns  from Tulsa Community College have assisted with this program  with a total of over 1560 volunteer hours.  It has been a joy for both Dr.and Mrs. Bell to watch these children grow and become actively, involved members.  Three of these children helped in a project to complete the new facility addition with several adults by sweeping and cleaning the facility. We see growth, we see maturity and of course, we see great potential for these young people.