The purpose of the Kids University (KU) is to help children in our community learn the aspects of good nutrition, strengthen academic skills, and to foster teamwork as they work together developing a student garden.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Welcome Fall!

Kids' University is beginning a new session and welcoming Fall with lots of time outdoors and a chance to get to know our new interns. So many kids are coming and we are excited with the opportunity to get to work with them.  We've had over 40 different children -- and many come every week -- so we're having 25-30 each week.  Last week we ran out of T-shirts with 38 students joining us for the evening.

Caitlin King. one of our returning Interns has worked faithfully in planning and helping us to create Tribes with a Native American Theme.  She is a resourceful young woman who has experience with childrens' groups in other venues and offers much to our leadership.  Caitlin will be our Tribe leader for our Girls Eagle Cadets.  She enjoys helping these young girls develop skills
in leading and goal-setting.

nutritious snack-time is still KIDS favorite

We are enjoying more space this year as Life Park Christian Fellowship has opened more of their new educational wing to us.

We have spent the last 2 1/2 years in two small classrooms and one open play area --now we're able to utilize the larger teaching space.

Ayanna and her younger elementary KIDS -- she has a way of helping them stay on task and passes to them her spirit of calmness and peace.

An answer to prayers, Kevin and Tom have returned to help our boys ages 10-14.  They named their Tribe "God's Army"  -- They are doing guy's sized jobs keeping up the garden and other "man jobs".

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A KU Summer . . .

 Our theme has been critters and plants in God's creation.

We became explorers and searched for all the creepy crawlies we could find - then looked for tracks of bigger critters
that make their way to our property.

Outdoor fun!!!  Thanks Isaiah for being a great sport!

Thai Basil
 We've been blessed with showers and gentle rains which has helped our KU Gardens tremendously.  Special thanks to Eric Miller for his countless hours watering when the rains haven't come and to Kayla and Lora Obert-Thorn and her children for all the help in clearing, weed-pulling and watering they have done.  We're excited about what's growing!!!

We remember the summer of 2012 and the tiny handful of dried up veggies we harvested!!!
More squash!

Beans in the background

Peppers under the netting
Corn - -- just enough to taste!

hotdogs and sampling our squash and watermelon for the 4th

Enjoying the harvest and anticipating great pumpkins and watermelons
We are meeting on Thursdays from 10-12 to enjoy outside activities and sample 
 some of the yummy vegetables that have been growing in the gardens.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Special Thanks to Tomato Man's Daughter Tomato House

64 plants -- Tomatoes, Peppers, Beans --
Heirloom plants -- some even from the Trail of Tears -- all of these beautiful hearty vegetable plants were donated by the Tomato Man Daughter's Tomato House this week.  These large healthy plants will ensure the success of this year's garden.

Terry, Eric and Kayla got them planted soon after and we are anxious to see how they grow and develop.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We FINALLY get to Plant

 We had rainy Mondays, freezing weather and several delays to getting our plants in the ground.

 With help from Kayla and Eric we found the garden plots cleared of weeds and ready -- the Kids did get to help clearing a few new weeds that cropped up and turning over the soil
 There was lots of raking, and hoeing, digging and turning over the packed dirt.
Once the soil was ready, the students made a plan for the right place for the various types of plants -- beans, pumpkins, tomatoes and squash

The kids had an awesome time-- and were thrilled to finally get in the garden

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Garden is Going and Soon to be Growing

 Monday -- Mar.31 -- second seed planting

 - we planted more peat pots!!!! Kids were so excited they put in lots of seeds --don't know for sure what's in them-- but we had fun filling them up!

Waiting out the weather -- cold springs temperatures mean postponing the planting our seedlings from earlier (Mar.3)

Creating the shade cover to protect from summer's heat.
There is so much preparation that has to be done to  our garden plots -- thanks to Kayla and Eric they are looking much better

Mon - Mar. 7

This week's rain kept us inside -- playing competitive games to strengthen our muscles (maybe that will make gardening digging easier on our muscles)

 Our girl love spending time doing crafts and Mrs.Lora and Reyleigh are so fun to be with!
Our KU Kids enjoy our Interns and love the one-to-one attention they receive from each of them

Monday, January 20, 2014

Looking Back on Two Years

The children we serve come from disadvantaged households.  We have 13 children that have remained with us throughout the entire two years.  During these 24 months, we have worked with  approximately 80 different students.  Their attendance is oftentimes sporadic because of their unstable home environments.  However we have retained a significant number of these children.   Fifty-six Interns  from Tulsa Community College have assisted with this program  with a total of over 1560 volunteer hours.  It has been a joy for both Dr.and Mrs. Bell to watch these children grow and become actively, involved members.  Three of these children helped in a project to complete the new facility addition with several adults by sweeping and cleaning the facility. We see growth, we see maturity and of course, we see great potential for these young people.