The purpose of the Kids University (KU) is to help children in our community learn the aspects of good nutrition, strengthen academic skills, and to foster teamwork as they work together developing a student garden.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Welcome Fall!

Kids' University is beginning a new session and welcoming Fall with lots of time outdoors and a chance to get to know our new interns. So many kids are coming and we are excited with the opportunity to get to work with them.  We've had over 40 different children -- and many come every week -- so we're having 25-30 each week.  Last week we ran out of T-shirts with 38 students joining us for the evening.

Caitlin King. one of our returning Interns has worked faithfully in planning and helping us to create Tribes with a Native American Theme.  She is a resourceful young woman who has experience with childrens' groups in other venues and offers much to our leadership.  Caitlin will be our Tribe leader for our Girls Eagle Cadets.  She enjoys helping these young girls develop skills
in leading and goal-setting.

nutritious snack-time is still KIDS favorite

We are enjoying more space this year as Life Park Christian Fellowship has opened more of their new educational wing to us.

We have spent the last 2 1/2 years in two small classrooms and one open play area --now we're able to utilize the larger teaching space.

Ayanna and her younger elementary KIDS -- she has a way of helping them stay on task and passes to them her spirit of calmness and peace.

An answer to prayers, Kevin and Tom have returned to help our boys ages 10-14.  They named their Tribe "God's Army"  -- They are doing guy's sized jobs keeping up the garden and other "man jobs".