The purpose of the Kids University (KU) is to help children in our community learn the aspects of good nutrition, strengthen academic skills, and to foster teamwork as they work together developing a student garden.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring 2015 In The KU Garden - Up and Growing : FOUR YEARS STRONG!

Fall was Fun and we have had a great Winter / Spring Session at Kids' University.  Health Issues with Dr. and Mrs. Bell delayed the start of KU until mid-February but 20+ TCC interns signed up to be a part of Wednesday nights at KU and a strong support team from Life Park Christian Fellowship where KU meets kicked off our fourth year on Feb. 11.

Our KU kids are always excited to be outdoors and in the garden.  Whether they are rock skipping or tending to plants, life is always better in the garden.
We watch the tension drain from their faces and soon they're enjoying relationships with our KU interns and feeling part of a team.

Amy and Gabby lead activities with the preschoolers

Caitlin King has been a true God-send this semester as she stepped up to fill the position of Assistant Director.  Caitlin wears many hats as she coordinates each week's activites for children on many different age levels and the leads the Eagle Cadets, our girls junior leaders.  

Caitlin's Grandmother Madge Edmundson is such a vital part of welcoming the children and keeping everyone at their post.  She's a dearly loved member of our KU staff!
Reinforcing the character traits and points of honor we seek to instill in the students, Caitlin has created badges for them as they demonstrate these points.  KU concluded the Spring session with a hot dog roast in the garden and an awards ceremony in which the many kids received awards.

Dallas Cooper has been an integral part of leading the older boys and teaching them gardening and construction skills

The guys have enjoyed the bridge, which is an early construction project of Dr. Bell's to span the entrance to the garden area. An activity is planned for this summer to help them learn various ways to construct items with used lumber and other materials to foster creativity and use resources at hand.

Eric Miller loves this garden and has put in countless hours in the past two years on a weekly basis tending to the preparation of the soil and  harvesting of the vegetables when they are ready in the summer. He has enlisted the help of Larry Pitts who has also put in lots of back breaking work this Spring.

Eric and Lt. Col Jim Erb - who serves as our security

Lora and Reyleigh Obert-Thorn have taken charge of the feeding the KU Kids each week.  They make sure all their food is served up with a huge helping of LOVE!

Just a few of our TCC Interns- Alex, Hang, Alondra and Anh

A highlight of the garden this spring has been the geese that have made the pond their home as it filled up with the early rains.  They made a nest, laid their eggs and the Daddy Goose has stood watch for days on end.