The purpose of the Kids University (KU) is to help children in our community learn the aspects of good nutrition, strengthen academic skills, and to foster teamwork as they work together developing a student garden.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We FINALLY get to Plant

 We had rainy Mondays, freezing weather and several delays to getting our plants in the ground.

 With help from Kayla and Eric we found the garden plots cleared of weeds and ready -- the Kids did get to help clearing a few new weeds that cropped up and turning over the soil
 There was lots of raking, and hoeing, digging and turning over the packed dirt.
Once the soil was ready, the students made a plan for the right place for the various types of plants -- beans, pumpkins, tomatoes and squash

The kids had an awesome time-- and were thrilled to finally get in the garden

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Garden is Going and Soon to be Growing

 Monday -- Mar.31 -- second seed planting

 - we planted more peat pots!!!! Kids were so excited they put in lots of seeds --don't know for sure what's in them-- but we had fun filling them up!

Waiting out the weather -- cold springs temperatures mean postponing the planting our seedlings from earlier (Mar.3)

Creating the shade cover to protect from summer's heat.
There is so much preparation that has to be done to  our garden plots -- thanks to Kayla and Eric they are looking much better

Mon - Mar. 7

This week's rain kept us inside -- playing competitive games to strengthen our muscles (maybe that will make gardening digging easier on our muscles)

 Our girl love spending time doing crafts and Mrs.Lora and Reyleigh are so fun to be with!
Our KU Kids enjoy our Interns and love the one-to-one attention they receive from each of them